Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Before and After

Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Before and After
Erica Durance said she did body workout to shape her body

The name Erica Durance will always recall the memory of Lois Lane on the famous TV series of Superman, Smallville, starring Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk. However with her popularity comes the consequence of attention and for long, this stunning-looking lady has been rumoured to have undergone a nose surgery. Her fans are plenty not without a reason. She has has starred many movies, series and was a local Canadian star herself before entering the entertainment field of the USA. Married once to David Palffy in 2005, she changed her name to Erica Parker but returned to Erica Durance after her divorce.

Has Erica Durance had plastic surgery?

The Erica Durance Plastic Surgery is confirmed by the actress as absolutely not true. She stated to Buddy TV back in 2007 that it would be impossible for her to do so even if she wanted to as she was terrified by the image of undergoing surgery. She despises the nature of surgery to enhance existing features of your body to make the look better. She adds later on that people are also suspecting that she was getting a breast implant, but what they’re seeing is the result of intensive workouts.

Nevertheless, this never-ending rumour may still be around. Actresses of top-tier fame and popularity face this rumour every day. Only hers seem to have lingered for a very long time. But in any actresses defense, these rumours come and go like wind. So believe what you will. The only answer to Erica Durance Plastic Surgery rumour may be her answer above.