Kim Kardashian Nose Job Rumors – Before and After

Kim Kardashian Nose Job Kim Kardashian Nose Job Rumors   Before and After
Kim Kardashian Nose Job Before After (Rumor)

Talking about Kim Kardashian plastic surgery is kinda tiring and never end, and now this controversial and sensational celebrity was rumored has nose job along with her breast implant and butt augmentation. Kim Kardashian being have long been target of gossip media that associated with the rumor she got plastic surgery for the nose enhancement.

Kim Kardashian looks too perfect and too unnatural to be true. However recently people so easily found Kim Kardashian nose job before after photos since she is nothing till being highest paying celebrity in Hollywood. From those photos, people said that Kim Kardashian nose is quite changing so drastically. Those condition triggering rumor that Kim Kardashian already has plastic surgery for nose job at least more than once.

Everybody knows that Kim Kardashian body and appearance seems unreal and fake. This mother to be was associated as a woman with fake beauty and got those perfect looks trough plastic surgery. Her nose that seems perfectly curved creating a rumor that she has paying a lot to go under the knife to make it looks wonderful.

In previous or Kim Kardashian old photos, you may observe that she has rounded nose tip with a little piggy nose looks. Her nose quite wide and not too pointed as today appear. But its looks suit in Kim Kardashian face, looks natural and cute on her. But recently, you may see that this woman has more defined and well refined nose as indication she got rhinoplasty for it.

Recently her nose looks much more slimmer and thinner with narrowed on the tip and more pointed too. But for some reason its looks too small for Kim Kardashian face. This condition seems agreed by Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley that said Kim Kardashian nose looks unnatural and asymmetric so that the rumor of plastic surgery for nose job probably not only an empty gossip.

Confirmed about it, as her usual habit, Kim Kardashian denies it and said her nose looks great and nutritious because she has very impressing and professional make up artist. Kim Kardashian said she need no plastic surgery to make her nose looks more amazing.

But let ask you, did you believed about her statement that her nose is not fake? With all Kim Kardashian track record on plastic surgery, its must be hard for her to convince us she hasn’t undergone plastic surgery for the nose job.  Let me see your opinion by rite your comment on the box bellow.