Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Rumors – Before and After

Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Rumors   Before and After
Jennifer Westfeldt Before After

Many fans are still questioning whether Jennifer Westfeldt underwent plastic surgery procedure or not. It is very surprising when appears for the first time with those pink and popping cheeks. The allegation, then, appears. There is not people say the she is not a beautiful woman. Even she is too beautiful to woman at her age. Imagine that this wonderful face comes from more than a 40-year-old woman.

I understand the fact that she is beautiful and I also believe that her boyfriend, Jon Hamm loves her just the way she is. But in fact public judges her that she is in a kind of suffering from Botox injection result. Some of fans classify this as one of the cases of bad plastic surgery. Did she undergo this procedure?

There are not too many changes found in her before and after photos. As I said before, I just recognize those cheeks. Those are more plumping than her usual pictures. I found there are some comments about her say that she is so ‘chipmunk’ with those red and plumping cheeks whereas she did not have it before.

She may undergo a kind of Botox injections, facelift or other plastic surgeries to get this appearance. The newest Jennifer photos indicate that her face looks look more tight and harder than before.

Jennifer Westfeldt, an American actress who was born on February 2, 1970. She is popular from Kissing Jessica Stein in 2001. Jennifer is more than 40 years old now and I wonder how she keeps that fantastic performance if she did not go the knife. Well, maybe she understands well that appearance is everything in entertainment therefore she tries to make up her face.

She knows that she has had a great skill to create qualified movies, but she also understands that it is not enough in Hollywood. Jennifer keeps her appearance well in her age.

Overall, what she did maybe something wanted by her, and we have to respect everything that she has tried to perform the best for fans and public. Besides those ‘chipmunk’ cheeks, I adore what a beautiful this 43 years old woman. She is wonderful, isn’t she?