Helen Hunt Bad Plastic Surgery Before and After

Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery Helen Hunt Bad Plastic Surgery Before and After

“she is need a good and more expert surgeon” I think this is a statement that people will said when they see poor actress Helen Hunt who being another victim of plastic surgery. We can say that her face had been botched, seem looks like every implant and injection especially in her face looks melted.

It makes her face looks so weird and odd and some people even say she is so scary. Helen Hunt is 49 years old now, but she looks like woman in her 65.

Helen Hunt got high achievement when played in the romantic film “As Good as It Gets” and any other Hollywood movies that make her becoming one of notable Hollywood actresses. She is well known as one of the most charming actresses in Hollywood. But seeing her before and after picture, she looks so odd.

 So what kinds of plastic surgery she did?

It seems that her plastic surgery being a disaster and gone bad. It makes Helen Hunt looks weird and accused as one of plastic surgery victims.

It seems Helen Hunt doing some plastic surgery procedures like facelift and could be some kind botox and dermal injection. Helen Hunt facelift make her cheek look puffed and lifted. It seems sunken and “melted” remaining something weird and scary on her face and makes her looks like woman in the end of 60.

So, what wrong with her? Did she took wrong procedure of plastic surgery? Whether she is a victim of plastic surgery malpractice? It’s not my duty to talk about it, but it seems that she did a lot of plastic surgery procedures in the past and right now she could be addicted to it. She should doing plastic surgery again and over again.