Jennifer Grey Rumored Undergone Plastic Surgery Again

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Jennifer Grey Rumored Undergone Plastic Surgery Again
Jennifer Grey 52 Years Old

Actually the rumor that Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey has had plastic surgery is quite a very long time ago. Jennifer Grey has had accused doing nose job and finally she admitted it. But now seems that this rumor again being a spotlight because this woman looks younger than her age as indication she took more than nose job of plastic surgery.

Jennifer Grey pretty face has stealing people attention with her appearance portrayed Frances “Baby” Houseman in 1987 American romance film Dirty Dancing. Because of her superb acting in this movie, Jennifer Grey was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. After that we can see her pretty face more often in some movies and TV series like It’s Like, You Know…, The West Side Waltz, Bounce,John from Cincinnati and House.

And now seeing her recent appearance that only changing a bit and stay ageless in the eleventh season of Dancing With the Stars, public then rumored Jennifer Grey has undergone plastic surgery more than nose job like she did before.

In about 1990, Jennifer Grey ever admitted that she has undergone plastic surgery for the nose reconstruction after she severe whiplash in a car accident in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. At that time she said she broke her nose due to accident that why she should got rhinoplasty for the nose reconstruction.

Jennifer Grey Nose Job Before After Jennifer Grey Rumored Undergone Plastic Surgery Again
Jennifer Grey Nose Job in the Past

And now for her return in eleventh season of Dancing With the Stars it seems that Jennifer Grey has been dance with plastic surgery more than rhinoplasty. Jennifer Grey admitted that she is not longer young girl anymore that still toned and mesmerizing in Dirty Dancing. She is already 52 years old and the wrinkle as the sign of aging started appear on her face. That why she was committed got botox injection to get a rid wrinkle from her face especially around her eyes.

She said “Before the show, I thought, Oh, I should get some Botox, get rid of the wrinkles under my eyes. When you put a lot of makeup, the lines become very apparent.” She told the Us Weekly.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer also agreed about it and said its true that Jennifer Grey has had more than plastic surgery for the rhinoplasty. He also believed that to abolish wrinkle on the forehead and around browlift she could probably had botox injection.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California also agreed that this Dirty Dancing star  Jennifer Grey has botox to make her sty young and ageless. But she got it in small portion and not excessive, so Jennifer Grey looks so dazzling in her 52.

Jennifer Grey has already pass trough hard stage on her live such as severe accident and cancer that she was experienced before. Ut she is though woman and try to come back on the screen with fresh appearance whether its with help of plastic surgery or not. Congratulation Jen, you did great work here.