Pete Burns Bad Plastic Surgery

pete burns plastic surgery Pete Burns Bad Plastic Surgery
Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After

Its kind of disaster and horrified could be first impression when seeing a ad plastic surgery for the Dead or Alive front man Pete Burns. It seems that this man really has been botched his own face. Pete Burns that well known with his rock voice and eccentric action stage with his band Dead or Alive seems never get enough of plastic surgery and go it over and over again.

As the result Pete Burns face looks so horror and weird, make everyone almost forgetting his real face when he is still rock in Dead or Alive band. Pete Burns actually has nice appearance although he wasn’t as cool as Axl Rose. But this man with his band that better known with their 1985 success single “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” is want kind of ugly guy too.

Actually when he was young Pete Burns has nice and innocence face, but it could be seems that Pete Burns following the syndrome of rock star with plastic surgery. And now Pete Burns has botched his own face and it seems that the plastic surgery was really work bad on him.

Its being a long time rumor that Pete Burns has complications of cosmetic surgery that was revealed openly in TV special entitled Pete Burns’ Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares for the UK ITV network. Pete burns even has very band and horror plastic surgery for the lip augmentation that showing his lips which is plumped up and filled with dreadful stitches.

That why in 2007 Pete urns has been announced that he has planning to sue the cosmetic surgeon, Dr Maurizio Viel, for £1 million who was performing plastic surgery for his lip. Beside that Pete Burns also accused got another procedure of plastic surgery like Cheek and lip implants and a nose job.

It can be seen from his face that bit lifted and plumped up as indication that Pete Burns has performing cheek implant that was combined with that horrible lip implant that I was said before.

Recently he has more feminine looks with frozen expression, stiffed and wax facial looks that was combined with swollen condition there. His  nose also looks bigger and wider which is previously its looks more well refined and good than now.

It seems that at first Pete Burns nose looks good but recently he has overdo it so his nose also looks abnormal, unnatural and didn’t match at all in his face. Overall recently Pete Burns has more feminine looks that was combined with horrified appearance as the indication that this Dead or Alive front man has had bad plastic surgery procedure for himself.

Actually when we are talking about Pete Burns, he is one of legendary rock star in 80s. His band Dead or Alive is legend and a phenomenal too. That why so many people especially his fans regretting and feel sorry with bad plastic surgery that was experienced by this Dead or Alive front man Pete Burns and hope he will recovery soon.