Tiffany SNSD Plastic Surgery Rumor

Tiffany SNSD Plastic Surgery Tiffany SNSD Plastic Surgery Rumor

Hallyu or Korean wave is always identically with controversy and lead pros and cons and again Korean idol Tiffany SNSD Girls Generation had a turn plastic surgery rumor that recently floating around her personal life. Tiffany is not first member of SNSD or Girls Generations that were accused plastic surgery, there are a lot of rumor that SNSD or Girls Generation is fake plastic idol. They are too perfect to e a human and looks like a plastic or porcelain doll like Tiffany did.

But in other hand there are so many fans that said their beauty, or especially Tiffany pretty face is natural because SM Entertainments their production house prohibit their idol committed plastic surgery. It has been a public acknowledge that Tiffany SNSD is one of the member that has so many fans, the second one after Yoona SNSD.

Despite having so many fans, of course Tiffany SNSD and the other member has so many haters too that said her beauty is a result of undergoes plastic surgery. So the rumor that said this Korean idol Tiffany SNSD Girls Generation undergoes plastic surgery will arouse pros and cons that seems will never end.

Stephanie Mi Young Hwang or shortly Tiffany was born in San Francisco, California, at August 1, 1989. Tiffany is a Korean American singer, show host, promotional model, and musical actress that was joining with SM Entertainment Starlight Casting System on October 2004. Recently she was joining with So Nyuh Shi Dae or SNSD or Girls Generation.

Tiffany SNSD Plastic Surgery Pic Tiffany SNSD Plastic Surgery Rumor
Tiffany SNSD When was Young

We may said that Girls Generation or SNSD member is Korean idol which is its member always related with the topic plastic surgery. Up to cause a joke among its members who do not do plastic surgery and its harder to guessing which one is natural without plastic surgery than the one who did it. and for Tiffany case public were accused she has done some plastic surgery procedural that make her appearance was changing so drastically.

Tiffany were accused doing plastic surgery to make her face more well shaped, in her child picture or before joining with SNSD you will see that she has round face with bit big piggy nose that was combined with narrowed eyes typically Korean women. But now you can see that her face more well shaped and with wide eyes that was combined with sharp and pointed nose. But this gossip of course lead pros and cons, Tiffany itself says its true that she is changing because she has been growing up now, yet she also has good genes from American and Korean parents that blessed her with pretty charming face.

Talking about SNSD member including Tiffany plastic surgery seems never end and will lead pros and cons, but as long as they have high quality in music and performance, it just being their enhancement to gain popularity.