Did Gackt Camui Have Plastic Surgery?

Gackt Plastic Surgery Did Gackt Camui Have Plastic Surgery?
Gackt Camui Plastic Surgery Rumor

Sometimes I think that this guy is too beautiful to be a man, no wonder the rumor started that this Malice Mizer former vocalist and pianist Gackt Camui was accused plastic surgery for his transformation. Gackt Camui is  a sample that sometimes the gender seems that blurring here. So many people had said that he is quite pretty for a men like him, in other world girls said that Gackt Camui is cute and cool, no wonder Gackt make the gender limitation seems blurring here. It was strengthens with the style of his former band, Malice Mizer that using Visual Kei concept which requires their member using make up like a woman although still showing their masculine sides. No wonder sometimes people misunderstood Gackt Camui as a woman.

In other hand his perfect face make people also accused this Mlaice Mizer former vocalist and pianist Gackt Kamui doing plastic surgery. This alleged was strengthens with emergence of some photos that showing Gackt Kamui pictures when he is still teenager. There you can see the drastic changing that make people more and more accused him doing cosmetic process. Although he is really good looking, but the rumor that Malice Mizer former vocalist and pianist Gackt Kamui accused plastic surgery make some fans upset.

Gackt Camui who was born in in Okinawa, Japan on July 4, 1973 is an Japanese musician, singer, song writer and actor. Has big talent in the music field because his father is a music’s teacher make him blessed with melodious voice and capabilities play a musical instrument especially the piano. Gackt gain so many fans around the world and giving influence to J Rock style when he is joining Japan Visual Kei rock band Malice Mizer in 1994. In 1999 he decide to leave the band and started his solo career as the singer. Her song like “Returner (Yami no Shūen)” reach the number one spot on the Oricon charts.

In Japan itself, Gackt becoming number one most wanted men there and his face always equated with a Bishi anime character. Gackt is look like anime character who jump from the manga book into real life, no wonder it was triggering the rumor that he has done plastic surgery on his face. Compared his picture or video before he was joining Malice Mizer you will see how different his face was.

Some surgeon and public believed that he has his eyes done trough eyelid surgery so his eyes looks it bigger than normally Japanese men. Not only than her face that formerly looks bit rounded now more oval and thinner than before. You may also seen his nose with sharper and thinner  make he was accused doing nose job. Everyone also said that his chin was changing and entirely his face has changing so drastically make him looks like anime character that jump from the comic and hypnotized everyone with his voice and perfect appearance.

Gackt Camui has been tired with this gossip plastic surgery, that why when confirmed about it, this Malice Mizer former vocalist and pianist Gackt Camui shy away and remain mute.