Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After

axl rose plastic surgery Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After
Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After

Everybody who was born in 80’s or 90’s must be familiar with Guns N’ Roses, a super group that is also known as one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. The front man of this band is Axl Rose. He is the singer in this band and also known for his unique vocal style. Axl Rose is also noticed for his energetic live performance. Even though he has a long history of negative attitudes, drugs and alcohol problems and his aggressive acts against press and his fans, Axl Rose is definitely one of the biggest rock and roll living legends. These days, his star seems not as bright as his previous days. He also has several issues related to his physical appearance.

Plastic Surgery Goes Bad

Axl Rose is considered as one of the best examples of unsuccessful plastic surgery. He doesn’t have to denied or admit these surgeries since his face tell all the stories. If you compare his latest pictures with his photos from previous years, you will see that there are major changes that could be found on his face. Some people said that he has various types of plastic surgery. These surgeries are including Botox treatment, rhinoplasty or nose job, facelift, hair plugs and facial fillers.

The Result of His Plastic Surgeries

Since he has so many plastic surgeries, you wouldn’t recognize him anymore these days. He looks completely different compared to his looks back in 80’s. No wonder that many people become very shock with his dramatic transformation. Not because it makes him looks good, but it makes him looks ugly instead. He had chemical peels and cheek implants. Instead of improving his image, these plastic surgeries make him looks so artificial. Some people even admit that his recent looks are quite scary. Even though the man himself said that he never get any plastic surgery, the shape of his face and those peeled skin will tell you something that quite different.