Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Aging is something natural happen in human, however all people must be afraid on it. Therefore people, especially women, will try everything to avoid this natural process. It is also happen in celebrities who have to always maintain good appeal in every public performance. When the plastic surgery becomes common things to do, Suzanne Somers maybe become one that experiences the procedures.

Suzanne Somers is an actress in an actress who starred successful television sitcom, Step by Step. She is more than 60 and she doesn’t admit that they have undergone the plastic surgery on her face. Unfortunately the fact is her face is really tight like a drum cannot lie that she has had plastic surgeries procedure. Other facts are collected by friends and mass media. As quoted from “The Daily Beast”, they are sure that Suzanne Somers has had face lifting, fillers and also eyelid surgery to get now performance. The National Enquirer also reports the Somers plan in starting undergo some cosmetic anti-aging procedures with new methods.

The method talked is stem cells, a clinical procedure to fighting the aging. Suzanne Somers had face-lifting procedures and she applied stem cells. One of her friends tell that the stem cell is the newest one and she was really enthusiastic one it, as quoted from the Enquirer. She got both of face treatment and breast lifting using the stem cells anti-aging techniques. It is surprising things, after she survived from breast cancer and lost a part and then she will pump it. Dr. Shahram Salemy as the surgeon had told about the risk, because this is new method, but she did it.