Sharon Stone Talks about Plastic Surgery

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After Sharon Stone Talks about Plastic Surgery

Plenty of Hollywood celebrities go under the knife in order to keep their appearance fresh and slow down their aging process. But for some others, they prefer to age gracefully and deny any type of artificial cosmetic procedure towards their face. American actress Sharon Stone is one of the few actresses that have stated to be against plastic surgery. She has said that she has not had any type of plastic surgery done to her. She prefer to age gracefully and embracing the true nature of human intervention without any artificial intervention. Although she admitted that she had tried to have one surgery but ended up disliking it.

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Origin

Many people would recognize Sharon Stone from her daring role in the movie of Basic Instinct which catapulted her to stardom. She was also quite famous for her performance in the movie Casino which got her one Golden Globe Awards and also a nomination for Academy Awards. But before she went to being one of the most popular Hollywood actresses, she started her career as a model. Since then, she has been developing her career from TV, movie, and even spoke person for various causes such as peace in the Middle East.

She Dislike Her Plastic Surgery

Although the media has been spreading rumor about her getting plastic surgery such as nose jobs, face lifts, and facial fillers, the actress has been denying that entire rumor. She stated in various interview that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery performed to her. Although she also admitted that she once had a lip injection done to her. But after she saw herself in a movie she was in, she disliked her transformation, stating that she looked like a trout. Since then, she has been an avid opponent of plastic surgery.