Rachel Zoe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rachel Zoe Plastic Surgery Rachel Zoe Plastic Surgery Before and After

When hearing about celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe undergone plastic surgery it make me believe those whose mingle with the celebrity will surely infected outbreak the plastic surgery viral. You must be understood it, not only celebrity stylist like Rachel Zoe even politician and royal family was given up to face the temptation of plastic surgery.

Rachel Zoe who was born September 1, 1971 in New York City, New York was well known with American fashion stylist that well known become a subscription of several famous Hollywood celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway Miley Cyrus and many others. Because of she has been work with some famous celebrities Rachel Zoe must be understood that she should be looks attractive and impressing to make their customer believed that she is skilled too.

But I don’t understand to make her looks attractive and charming, why does she should be took plastic surgery as her way to preserve her beauty and attract her customer. But maybe it seems that she has her own reason, if her business depend of the owner experience, forcefully she could possibly took plastic surgery to make her looks fascinating and attract her customers.

Rachel Zoe is prominence name for great style that was believed y so many celebrities. As the celebrity stylist she must be understood that too looks so charming and beauty is must here. Not only the fashion outfit but also her appearance should supported each other. It was reported that this famous celebrity stylist Racghel Zoe has undergone some processes of plastic surgery especially dermal filler and botox injection to keep her young and attractive till now.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer  said that te decision of taking botox injection by Rachel Zoe is a pretty good decision, because he is agreed that the botox help Rachel Zoe to much better without any an early aging signs that previously seemed clearly on her face.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery said woman in Rachel Zoe age usually experienced wrinkle on the forehead, but it seems that the botox that was taken by her help to abolish that wrinkle from her forehead.

He also added that it could be  Rachel Zoe also doing lip enhancement by injected filler like Juvederm or Perlane to make her lip bit nutritious. He also believed that it possibly she also undergone mini facelift to elevated her cheek. And well for the result, both our doctor agreed that those procedure make Rachel Zoe looks much better now.

Rachel Zoe is kind of woman who will use her appearance and her skill as main weapon to run her business. So whether the gossip that she has undergone plastic surgery, I think it really help Rachel Zoe as celebrity stylist looks more better and quite convincing.