Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Formerly hie face always covered with mask, but seeing his recent appearance unmasked triggering rumor that this rock band KISS co-vocalist Paul Stanley likely overdone plastic surgery that gone bad. No one denied that Paul Stanley is the should for the rock band KISS that make it being a legendary band which is parallel to Gun and Roses and U2. Paul Stanley is really attractive on the stage, with hardcore music that was combined with the costume and style of each member that was wearing a white mask. Looks bit scary but no one denied that their music was so amazing and still has many fans till today.

But once that seems the fans didn’t know, seems that the co-vocalist Paul Stanley was rumored addicted to plastic surgery and likely he has overdone it although it has gone bad. Public noticed in his 60, Paul Stanley face seems bit weird and old indicated that the plastic surgery has been gone bad her and it could be he has overdoing it.

Stanley Harvey Eisen or better known with Paul Stanley or having stage name as “The Starchild” is an American hard rock guitarist, singer, musician, painter and songwriter. He was born in Manhattan, New York, on January 20, 1952 that well known being a co-vocalist for the KISS rock band with his mates Gene Simons. He also tributes as one of Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time and number 23 for the Top 25 Front-men by rock band KISS was identically with their style that covered the member faces with white paint so not much people recognized how good looking was Paul Stanley used to. But seems that he doesn’t satisfied with the gift that blessed him with good looking appearance. Following his band mates Gene Simons that previously rumored overdone plastic surgery that gone bad, seems Paul Stanley didn’t learn much from him and do the same thing here.

Actually we cant include Paul Stanley into the rank of male celebrities that gone far with plastic surgery like Mickey Rourke, Bruce Jenner, Barry Manilow, Pete Burns and the famous one Michael Jackson. But by comparing his previous face when he is still young you would be understand that it would be nice if Paul Stanley didn’t overdone with plastic surgery that starting gone far. Its true that plastic surgery, for some reason will make people addicted to it no matter men or women. And here Paul Stanley seems addicted to it and has gone to far with the knife.

Not least with female celebrities, Paul Stanley was accused doing some procedures of plastic surgery like facelift, browlift, eyelid surgery, nose job and lip augmentation. Those procedures was agreed by Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer that said Paul Stanley has some procedures of plastic surgery on the face that seems gone far and starting bad now. The facelift used to make Paul face bit lifted and puffed but now its looks like her face got wither and shaggy.

The eyelid surgery help him abolish wrinkles around his eyes but seems make his eyes looks bit wider and weird. And the bad nose job and lip augmentation creating not proportional looks in his face that used to very charming and nice.

Previously Paul Stanley band mates the main vocalist of band rock KISS Gene Simons has the same thing with overdoing plastic surgery that make his face gone bad. And unfortunately Paul Stanley didn’t learn from that case and  do the same thing here.