Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Like father like son or may like mom like daughter when seeing that Melissa Rivers follow in her mom Joan Rivers footstep of plastic surgery. I don’t know but maybe there is genetic lines that will connected preferences and the need of plastic surgery like Melissa Rivers and Joan Rivers here. Joan Rivers is Hollywood actress that was well known with her hobbies of plastic surgery is likely inherited to her daughter Melissa Rivers.

Melissa Rivers is the only child of senior actress and actor Joan Rivers and Edgar Rosenberg. Following her parents step in entertainment industry, Melissa Rivers face also appear on some movies and TV programs like “Beverly Hills, 90210, Silk Stalkings, The Comeback and The L Word”. And seems that Melissa also took the sample for her mom who conduct to plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. But in this case it seems that Melisa Rivers was overdo it and looks like her face quite odd and weird.

Melissa Rivers’ mom Joan Rivers was well known as the plastic queen along with so much plastic surgery procedures that she has had done. In Melissa Rivers case, it seems that she is also follow in her mother footsteps of plastic surgery by taking some procedures of cosmetic surgery.

It could be Melissa has got a nose job, cheek augmentation and possible browlift. It was reported that she has likely also used dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm as well as Botox. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says Melissa Rivers nose looks quite sharper but seems swollen and wider on the tip that was combined with her cheek that quite fuller as the indication of cheek augmentation.

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before After Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Her eyebrow also looks more elevated and lifted, and seems abnormal for woman in 44 years old. Miami Dr. Michael Salzhauer also added that Melissa Rivers follows in her mother footstep using dermal filler Restylane and Juvederm and Botox that abolish wrinkle on the forehead and laugh lines around her mouth.

And for some reason, Melissa Rivers seems obsessed to her own mom and she has overdo it that make her face looks weird and older, much older that her mom Joan Rivers.

I wont say that Joan Rivers plastic surgery is much better than her daughter Melissa Rivers did. But its true that Melissa seems overdo plastic surgery to follow her mother footstep. And because of Melissa Rivers seems overdo plastic surgery make her looks much older and worst that her mom Joan Rivers. Poor Melissa, she should refrained from addiction and excessive plastic surgery to look just like her mother.