Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery for Lip Enhancement

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery for Lip Enhancement

Well known with her duck mouth this Soap Talk host on SoapNet Lisa Rinna was rumored plastic surgery for lip enhancement and make it looks more nutritious. Actually Lisa Rinna not only faced the rumor plastic surgery for lip enhancement.

But it could be because her duck mouth which became her characteristic make this case being a focal point there. Lisa Rinna was well known with her duck mouth since appeared in the 1985 John Parr “Naughty Naughty” music video.

After that this wife of American actor Harry Hamlin appear on some television programs and movies like Days of our Lives and Melrose Place. And recently when she being host in Soap Talk program, Lisa Rinna face the rumor she has plastic surgery for lip enhancement.

What purpose and for what? I don’t know maybe to establish her trademark with the duck mouth. But for me, its it funny seeing Lisa Rinna recent appearance on Soap Talk program with her lip that was enhanced trough plastic surgery.

Lisa Rinna is really cant be separated with her duck mouth as her own trademark, even her husband Harry Hamlin ever stated ““What got me about Lisa was her eyes, not her lips,” says Hamlin. “So I spent most of my time looking at those.”  It can be understood because actually Lisa Rinna is kind of woman with full and contains lips, moreover while combined with striking lipstick color that make her lip looks so phenomenal and seem quite daring and challenging.

Recently public noticed that Lisa Rinna lips looks more fuller and thick, it indicated that she could be got lip enhancement trough plastic surgery or at least filler injection that was injected into her lip.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer applauded that Lisa Rinna husband Harry Hamlin always supported her wife decision about lip enhancement although it make her wife face looks weird and funny sometimes.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, Calif., says its true that Lissa Rinna ha slip enhancement and for her husband  Harry Hamlin also can following his wife step that got lip enhancement by doing some treatments for himself.

And back to Lisa Rinna case, I think she is really having kind of lip that was owned by Jessica Rabbit moreover with her own style of duck mouth that make her looks like close to Jessica Rabbit.

In our popular culture woman with full and contained lip is sexy and very sensual. But for some reason its bit little silly seeing Lisa Rinna appearance on Soap Talk program with her duck mouth that could possibly caused by plastic surgery. She bit weird there although I should appreciate her confidence that of course was supported by her beloved husband Harry Hamlin.