Leona Lewis Nose Job Before and After – Rumor

Leona Lewis Nose Job Leona Lewis Nose Job Before and After   Rumor
Leona Lewis Nose Job Before After

Recently, Leona Lewis was allegedly has plastic surgery for the nose job. But till know Leona Lewis never clearly admitted whether this gossip is true or just a rumor for some people whose tries to bad mouthed her. Leona Lewis seems already sick with the rumor that she enhance her appearance trough plastic surgery for the nose job.

She already tries to convince the public that the nose job is rumor, but seems that now Leona Lewis already tired of it and let people plays with their speculation whether the rumor of nose job was true or not.

The rumor that Leona Lewis has new nose spreading after former X Factor winner Steve Brookstein tweeted that Leona Lewis new nose will make Wembley fell asleep.

After that, the speculation that this singer already has had plastic surgery for the nose job. People started to compared her picture from the past with recent picture and took their own speculation whether its true or not.

Some people said that its true Leona Lewis nose was bit changing and look more fabulous and nutritious than before. Previously she has larger nose with less narrowed on the tip and seems too wide on the nostril bridge. But no Leona Lewis nose looks more nutritious with slimmer and thinner shape.

The tip looks sharper, narrowed and well refined bridge that suits on her face. In contrary, some people also doubtful about this rumor because its impossible for the singer like Leona Lewis to got plastic surgery because it ill affected her voice quality. Those people said Leona Lewis nose looks different because of the make up artist that make her looks good and her nose looks more nutritious.

Which one did you believe? Those who said Leona Lewis already has had plastic surgery or the one who said its impossible for her to do it that will affected her voice?I give you Leona Lewis before and after picture, and after observing it I love to see you leave any comments about Leona Lewis nose job rumor.