Kyra Sedgwick Regretted Plastic Surgery

Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery Kyra Sedgwick Regretted Plastic Surgery

Kyra Sedgwick revealed that she has had plastic surgery and she is truly regretted her decision. Even though some people said that this woman younger and stunning in her 47, deep inside in her heart Kyra Sedgwick really regretted her decision to enhance her beauty trough plastic surgery not in natural ways.

No wonder right now Kyra Sedgwick voice she is against the use of any cosmetic surgery because she is already bite the bullet of bad effect of plastic surgery.

Openly Kyra Sedgwick revealed that she has had several procedures of plastic surgery. She admitted that she has had mini facelift, botox injection and breast augmentation to enhance her beauty.

Although at first those procedure of plastic surgery that I as mention above really make Kyra Sedgwick look like Goddess and even younger than her real age, right now she also admitted that she is really regret it. she said its not like herself and really tortured her a lot.

The mini facelift make Kyra Sedgwick face looks frozen and stiffed make her like a porcelain doll that could be cracked anytime. Her decision to combined it with botox injection also make her unhappy and disappointed. She said a place that botox was injected especially forehead has been immobile and its really disturb her.

And it could be that breast augmentation that make her not regretted too much. Its still in normal size and fit with Kyra Sedgwick body so the one of plastic surgery that could entertain her and make her bit happy is her breast augmentation result.

Everyone must be agreed that Kyra Sedgwick is looks like Goddess and very pretty although she said she was regretted her plastic surgery procedure, but at least those really help her looks wonderful. But how about the reader opinion after knowing she has had plastic surgery?

Did you still admired her beauty or switching denounced her for beauty and cosmetic procedure? well those decision was in your hand and you can leave comment about your opinion but personally I think Kyra Sedgwick is still adorable.