Katy Perry Rumored Changing Caused by Plastic Surgery

Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Katy Perry Rumored Changing Caused by Plastic Surgery

Recently the picture of Katy Perry when she is still young that why the rumor that accused American singer Katy Perry rumored changing drastically caused by plastic surgery. But shocking respond was came from Katy Perry, it seems that she neither denied it nor agreed it. That why indication that this American actress Katy Perry doing plastic surgery was believed by public so easily. So does she shame about it?I think so it seems that Katy Perry was so calm when face the gossip about she accused plastic surgery.

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson or public known her as Katy Perry is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Was influenced with the Gospel music the singer that was born in Santa Barbara, California in October 25, 1984 then turn into a pop singer. Seems that she choose the right way although at first her parents was really against it but she proof that she took the right way by gaining a lot of awards. She has won so many award such as Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist, Most Performed Song from 2009-2012 from ASCAP Pop Music Award, Top Hot 100 Artist of the Year; Top Digital Songs Artist of the Year; Billboard Spotlight Award from Billboard Music Award and many more. Overall Katy Perry has has received 121 awards from 313 nominations. She used to marriage with the actor  Russell Brand but they decide to divorce on December 30, 2011.

Katy Perry is one of notable singer and America, of course her personal life including her past photo when she was a teenage widely spreading to the internet. Unfortunately when her past photo was revealed, people noticed that she is changing so drastically. That why people than accused her doing plastic surgery to make her look like now. Moreover some people also thought that Katy Perry face looks so stiffed and like a porcelain but unnatural make the gossip about plastic surgery was really hard hit her life. Well I cant denied that after seeing Katy Pery photo when she is a teen inevitably public will compared it with her recent appearance. And once again I have to admit that I was agree that she is changing so drastically.

Katy Perry Nose Job Katy Perry Rumored Changing Caused by Plastic Surgery
Katy Perry Nose Job

Previously we can say that her nose isn’t sharp enough with a slightly widened and big. But know you must be noticed that her lip even gotten sharper indicate she may took nose job or rhinoplasthy. But different statement was said by Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer that said she could be doing dermal injection like botox and filler injection but not plastic surgery for her face. She could be took plastic surgery, Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer said, but in small portion especially on her lip. It was agreed by Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California that says Katy Pery is too busy to spend her time for plastic surgery. Its true she might took dermal injection but he hardly seen that she also took plastic surgery. Moreover Katy Pery also well known for her reputation that having very great and professional make up artist that make her looks perfect in every performance.

Well I think the change from adolescence to adulthood is a common thing experienced by all people. And maybe its also true that Katy Pery was changing so drastically that make her was accused doing plastic surgery. But in other hand we should admit too that she is still young and having very great make up artist, so her recent appearance can be so perfect now.