Katie Holmes Nose Job Before and After

Katie Holmes Nose Job Katie Holmes Nose Job Before and After
Katie Holmes Nose Job Before and After

Katie Holmes was actually has a perfect nose. But after having some troubles with her husband, religion and everything that related to her life, she decides to make some changes to her nose by doing a surgery. Well, some people may think that surgery will help them to make their physical looks more interesting and also beautiful of course, but yet there are some things that you need to consider before you guys doing a plastic surgery.

At her before and after picture, you can see that on the previous one, Katie looks gorgeous with her rounded nose. Her original wider nose gave a sort of natural signature to her look, very pretty, and appealing, but after the surgery, with the straw nose, she even looks 20 years older because it creates a thin and long face.

If you guys look at her lower face, people don’t lose cheek plumpness even if they lose weight, it would look different. With a narrower nose, straighter bond and thinned out tip that she has now, she just looks so repulsive and unattractive. And to confirm the rumor, Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn states, “She appears to have had a rhinoplasty which has thinned the tip of her nose and the dorsum.”

Further, Dr. Youn adds “Her nose looks more sleek now, and this makes her look more mature, more adult. I do think her old nose fits with her face well, making her look like a “Midwest girl-next-door” type. The newer nose makes her look more “Hollywood”. Well, whatever what the doctor said, I think that Holmes had the prettiest nose before her nose job. What do you think of Katie Holmes nose job anyway?