Isabelle Adjani Plastic Surgery

Isabelle Adjani Plastic Surgery Isabelle Adjani Plastic Surgery

Isabelle Adjani revealed her secret of young, beauty and ageless is trough plastic surgery. This French woman never feel ashamed to admitted she got kind if mid plastic surgery to preserve young and beauty. It because Isabelle Adjani stated that the plastic surgery that she as taken is kind of mid procedures that will not effected and changing her face much.

Actually, Isabelle Adjani blessed with natural beauty from Algerian German parents. But Isabelle Adjani is already 57 and to preserve her adorable looks, she admit got plastic surgery for it. When asked about her secret to looks ageless and dazzling in her 57 years old, without a shame Isabelle Adjani revealed her secret is botox and kind of filler injection.

It really work well on Isabelle Adjani face because as you can see she looks much younger than her real age. Isabelle Adjani also added although the temptation to looks young and attractive is so hard, but she said botox and filler is much more enough than got any other procedures of plastic change .

Isabelle Adjani insist that kind of botox and filler is only under the needle of plastic surgery, unlike under the knife that will change your face completely. Isabelle Adjani face looks flawless and tones as indication she got routine botox injection, her cheek and lip looks plumped and baggy, but looks good and not overdo as well as filler do their job in both those places.

Everyone admit that recently its so hard to found kind of beauty like Isabelle Adjani had. That why when she said her secret of beauty is plastic surgery, people said it looks fit on her. Do you agree with that opinion? Do you think Isabelle Adjani looks natural? Leave your comments about Isabelle Adjani plastic surgery here.