Is Jennifer Lopez Beauty Caused by Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job Before and After Is Jennifer Lopez Beauty Caused by Plastic Surgery?
Do you believe J.Lo took plastic surgery?

Jennifer Lopez is a multi-talented woman. During her carrier, she did many works. Her voice is amazing. She acts well too. Besides, she is also a fashion designer and television producer. If you look on her appearance, it makes sense if you are jealous of her. Her face is awesomely beautiful. She has nice butt and her body is totally sexy. She becomes even more beautiful even her age is already 43. However, happiness and sadness always come together. There are many rumors said that J-Lo did plastic surgery, nose job, and breast augmentation to make her appearance perfect. Does she really do it?

Jennifer Lopez started her career by starring a minor role in My Little Girl in 1986. Her first real move is when she became the main role in Selena. In 1999, she converted her career to music with debut album entitled On the 6. After that, she launched many albums that make her became a rich actresses and singer. It does not make her becomes a stingy person. She even made a charitable foundation that makes her known as a philanthropist. There is no doubt if Jennifer Lopez has so many fans in all over the world.

The rumor about Jennifer Lopez’s plastic surgery still cannot be proved. In a TV show, she stated that she does not like plastic surgery but she could not give any comment about it. It makes people guess that she had done surgeries to make her appearance perfect in her 43. On the other hand, her fans still believe that her beauty is natural and that is just the improvement of her make-up technique. Some plastic surgeons said that she had some Botox on her forehead. Even it is an expert who said that, it is still a rumor if the actress herself does not admit it.