Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation
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She really know how to gain money, this could be people think when the rumor about model Holly Madison that insure beauty asset after plastic surgery breast implant were heard by public. We know that the live of the model was never be separated from the plastic surgery rumor. But bit of them who understand how to keep her beauty assets being source of money or at least as future investment.

We can say that Holly Madison quite smart and alert to opportunities by insure her beauty assets after plastic surgery implants. Yes you right, she insuring her fake breast with claims almost reached $1Milion. How fantastic and too expensive for the fake breast of course. But its seems Holly Madison understand that for erotic business like she did, breast becoming very precious assets here. So it will make her more save and confident if she had been insured her beauty assets after plastic surgery breast implant.

Holly Madison or her real name is Hollin Sue Cullen is an American model, showgirl and television personality that was born in Astoria, Oregon at December 23, 1979. Holly Madison is not  a playmate but she has been stealing Playboy founder attention Hugh Hefner so both of them has a relationship since 2003-2008. She is not playmate, but she ever pictorial nude with other playboy model and playmates Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson. Holly Madison also appear on television series The Girls Next Door and has her own reality show program called Holly’s World. Recently she has her own program in Las Vegas by appearing in burlesque show Peepshow at Planet Hollywood.

Holy Madison was openly said she had done rhinoplasthy and breast augmentation to enhance her beauty to keep survive in erotic business. but I’m sure that not much people knows that she is insured her breast that almost reached $1Milion for the claim. Holly Madison always feel insecure about her breast size in 34-A. She said that “I always wanted to have my boobs done, because I wanted to be more proportionate.” That why she was decide to do breast implant increasing her breast size from 34-A into 36D.

After had done plastic surgery for breast implant soon she make a statement “Now I’m really happy. I don’t have to stuff my bra, and I feel more comfortable naked”. Knowing that her breast would become her assets in this erotic industries, she decide to insure her breast for claim $1Milion.

Her decision received responses from Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer that said its okay for her to insure her breast after plastic surgery breast implant. Dr. Michael Salzhauer also advices that she must e careful because the implant is something that can grantee the assets freely to get claimed if something ad happen to her.

Maybe the reason why Playboy Model Holly Madison decide to insure her beauty assets after plastic surgery for breast implant is because she know how risky erotic industry is. So she took prevented step to make it her future investment to make her future more safer.