Heidi Montag Nose Job Before and After

heidimontag beforeafter Heidi Montag Nose Job Before and After
Heidi Montag Nose Job Before and After

Heidi Montag, or what she used to call as Heidi Blair Pratt is an American beautiful blonde actress. You will always know that there are so many great appearances of her such as the MTV Reality Show and The Real Orange County of the Laguna Beach. In fact, this girl also appeared in Celebrity Big Brother with her scandal housemate, Spencer Pratt.

Did Heidi Montag Get Plastic Surgery on her Nose?

There are some pictures of Heidi Montag with the mysterious bandage that she is using, and it is a kind of surgical tape. So, there is also a rumor that she’s taking more on rhinoplasty. But finally she confirmed it briefly that the trip to Costa Rica is just about the trip which needs to be continued due to the problem of marathon surgery that she got in 2009. At that time, she should face a problem when her nose getting tweaked in a second time, since this same problem also happen during the year of 2007. She really needs to use the surgical tape to make sure that her nose will get back into normal condition, and even it takes her for one year for the healing process of her nose.

The reason why she should use the tape surgery is to make sure that the shape of her nose will not change. So, she realizes that she should use the tape for 24 hours to keep the good condition of her nose since her nose is very sensitive after the nose job process, and she needs to survive with that condition.