Jenny McCarthy Loves Plastic Surgery Botox

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Before After Jenny McCarthy Loves Plastic Surgery Botox

Particularly I don’t really know what the differences between botox with plastic surgery but seems that this former Playmate Jenny McCarthy said she loves botox but she also added that botox was different with plastic surgery. Well in my opinion I think botox is one kind of plastic surgery procedural although in society like Jenny McCarthy did some also denied that its was kind of plastic surgery. But here the most important thing is not differences between those two process but the result that was gained by woman who took it. like the recent appearance of Jenny McCarthy have now, it seems that the botox or plastic surgery really make her confidence.

Jennifer Ann McCarthy or better known as Jenny McCarthy is an American model, comedian, actress, author, activist, and game show host. People noticed her since she was becoming a nude model for Playboy magazine that why she also tributes as Playmate of the year. Although she well known as nude model, Jenny McCarthy is a kind of mother that so much and so loves her son that was diagnosis with autism.

It was proved by actress that was born in Evergreen Park, Illinois at November 1, 1972 by written books about parenting and being an active activist for treatments for autism. Jenny McCarthy started her career as the model for the catwalk and in 1993 she was accepted by the Playboy magazine to pose for its October issue. After that she was appear with nude pose for the Playboy magazine for so many times.

Do not want to just be known as nude model, Jenny McCarthy also being a host for some programs in MTV channel and appear for some TV and movies plays like John Tucker Must Die, Scary Movie 3, Crazy Little Thing and etc. She used to dated with American actor Jim Carey but they broke at April 2010.

When asked about her recipe to preserve young and beauty, openly  Jenny McCarthy said she loves using botox injection especially to her face. But she also hardly refuse that botox was similar with the plastic surgery. Although she was proofed doing breast augmentation, she said that its different case with the botox injection that she use. She said “I love Botox, I absolutely love it, I get it minimally, so I can still move my face.

But I really do think it’s a savior.”. according to the Plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer Jenny McCarthy is true took botox and any other dermal injection that was signed with the smooth forehead and the lost of wrinkle in her face. He also added that Jenny McCarthy using laser peeling treatment for her face so that she preserve young and beauty with sexy looks.  Dr. David Shafer also not sure that Jenny took plastic surgery to enhance her beauty.

People have different view about plastic surgery including former playmate Jenny McCarthy that said she took botox but  not plastic surgery. So its your own decide whether you want to classify botox as one kind of plastic surgery or not.