Fan Bing Bing Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Fan Bing Bing Plastic Surgery Fan Bing Bing Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Fan Bing Bing Eyelid Surgery

Great changes are found in before and after Fan Bing Bing photos. Those are like two different people. She is suspected had got under the plastic surgery procedure such as another celebrity. When appearance becomes the most important point for celebrities’ plastic surgery becomes an effective ‘weapon’ to achieve best performance. I’m okay about the celebrities’ effort to be perfect, but I don’t appreciate them who have had too much plastic surgeries.

Rumors are spread fast, and how Fan Bing Bing confirms it? She doesn’t admit that she ever underwent plastic surgery process. The statement is strictly against by specialists and many her fans. Even an American plastic surgeon believes that she has received eyelid surgery jobs and chin implants.

Then, he states that it is normal for woman to have many parts altered to gain the better look. Other people also examine that Fan is not only underwent eyelid surgery and chin implants, but she also has her eyes enlarged. Something usually wanted by a Chinese girl who have small and cute eyes.

Fan Bing Bing, a Chinese singer, actress and now she is also a producer. She received her celebrity status by staring Princess Pearl. After that, she successfully starred some films. Some films are booming and won awards, and some others are so so. Her newest performance is in Shaolin in 2011. A Chinese girl, as we know, never satisfied with her eyes therefore she follows her seniors.

Fan Bing Bing Plastic Surgery Before After Fan Bing Bing Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Fan Bing Bing Before After

There is a hospital in Beijing damages her name because of using her pictures to advertise the plastic surgery procedures they perform. Fan won this case and the hospital should pay her.

What do you think? Has she really undergone plastic surgery procedure? She is more attractive now. Despite of fantastic make up role in an actress I believe that make up just beautify and color. In Fan Bing Bing case it looks like her face has been transformed.

Do you agree? Look at her eyes. Those are extremely different. It is clear that she has had eyelid surgery procedure. Her eyes are beautiful, but the previous photos I admit it is more natural than the newest one. Rumor about if she got chin implant or not is still debatable. What is your opinion?