Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery Rumors

Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery Rumors

This pretty yet sensual woman is already 49 years old but keep dazzling, no wonder there is a speculation that Australian sexy model Elle Macpherson stay ageless with plastic surgery. Seeing Elle Macpherson recent appearance may some people didn’t believed that this woman has born 29 March 1963 in the Killara neighborhood of Sydney and has giving birth for two times.

She is still dazzling and no wonder people mistaken this Australian businesswoman, television host, model, and actress is a woman in early 30 years old. How fantastic she is and people more and more attached on her when she was asked to be a host and executive producer of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model and currently the host and an executive producer NBC’s Fashion Star.

And seeing Elle Macpherson pretty face and sexy figure although she is already 49 years old, people must be remember with her sensual and daring pose in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue beginning in the 1980s. And after that we can see her sexy appearance in the cover of some magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and Playboy.

But with her recent appearance that looks like woman in 30 although she already 49 years old, forcefully triggering a rumor that this sexy Australian model Elle Macpherson has undergone plastic surgery to stay ageless.

People has been speculated what kind of plastic surgery that was taken by Elle Macpherson to looks ageless. And some of them accused that she has facelift, necklift, brow lift and probably also uses Botox and laser treatments. It  because impossible for a woman in 49 still having toned and flawless face without any aging of sign that obviously seen there.

Elle Macpherson cheek looks bit lifted and the eyebrow also elevated indicated that she has prevent shaggy and slacken down facial looks with the facelift. Her eyebrow that so elevated also being the indication of browlift surgery that was combined with botox injection on the forehead to abolish wrinkles there. She also having nutritious and lush lips that will tempted anyone who see it.

There is a rumor that she got that kind of lip trough the lip enhancement and filler injection. Overalls, Elle Macpherson was rumored staying young and ageless with the help of Juvederm to maintain he skin elasticity and youthful appearance.

When confirmed about the rumor of plastic surgery to make her stay ageless Elle Macpherson just laugh amusingly about it. She stated that she looks like now because of routine exercise and strict diet, a cliche reason that always given by celebrities when asking about rumor of cosmetic surgery to maintain their beauty. But among of it all, I should admit that Elle Macpherson is still hot and impressing, cant beat it.