Did Steve Martin Have Plastic Surgery?

Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Did Steve Martin Have Plastic Surgery?

The temptation to looks attractive and young even make this American actor and comedian Steve Martin that was gossiper undergone plastic surgery to keep young and fabulous. Although we cant compared this American comedian and actor who was born August 14, 1945 in Waco, Texas as bed as Carrot Top or Michael Jackson, but sometimes I feel that Steve Martin recent appearance looks bit terrible and weird.

Actually Steve Martin himself never admitted that he has undergone plastic surgery to looks young in his 67 years old, but public even can noticed that the surgeon lancet on the face of men who has gaining some Emmy, Grammy, and American Comedy awards. His face not botched of course, but compared with her previously picture, people must be agreed that Steve Martin face looks much better before. Her recent appearance make people wonder what kind of plastic surgery that make this American actor and comedian face looks bit weird and horrible.

Observing Steve Martin recent appearance, Dr Nassif said it could be he has undergone some procedures of plastic surgery like mid facelift and could possibly rhinopalsty that was combined with the dermal injection. but in this case Dr Nassif said that Steve Martin has his job well so that he looks natural and well refined.

Personally, I think there is something wrong with his face, especially is facial that bit frozen, plumped up and bit stiffed. But well this is just statement from the one who didn’t know much about plastic surgery procedure, so I think Steve Martin have weird appearance here. Miami plastic surgeon Dr Michael Salzhauer says that it could be Steve Martin also coupled that mid plastic surgery with dermal injection like botox to male his forehead less wrinkle.

The doctor also said that actually Steve Martin doesn’t need this procedure so as the result his face looks frozen and could be crack anytime if he wasn’t careful with it.

Steve Martin is funny yet with his face that recently looks more weird and odd that was caused by plastic surgery I think he is looks much funnier or even horrible. So its your decide to think whether the plastic surgery for this American actor and comedian Steve Martin  true or not and make him looks good or bad.