Did Kangana Ranaut Have Plastic Surgery?

Kangana Ranaut Plastic Surgery Did Kangana Ranaut Have Plastic Surgery?

Tired being gossiped look so difference and was changing a lot(not bit but much), pretty Indian actress Kangana Ranaut denies plastic surgery rumor and said she is really amused with it. It could be Kangana Ranaut who was born in Bhambla, Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh, India at 20 March 1987 is not as famous as  Aishwarya Rai or Preity Zinta.

But trust me she has similar sexy figure, exotic and beautiful face with almost perfectness looks that triggering a rumor of plastic surgery. She also has similar talent with them because she has won National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award.

But it seems as although Kangana Ranaut has similar ability and beauty assets as those two actress I mentioned before, she is not lucky enough to gain popularity in international stage. But here seems that  Actress Kangana Ranaut also faced the similar gossip as the other Indian actress get too, the plastic surgery rumor to enhance her beauty or even to make her changing so drastically.

Talking about plastic surgery, there is nothing differences between Bollywood and Hollywood actress. If their actress were changing even bit they will accused doing some cosmetic surgery. Seems that Actress Kangana Ranaut also felt the same thing. During filming Krissh2 she reported changing a lot, moreover for the people who following her appearance on the screen since first time.

They said that her innocence face has been changing into something we called “celebrity face”. Although she looks ore prettier, but some people said she much better with her previously innocence face. Rumor said that Actress Kangana Ranaut were accused dome procedures of cosmetic surgery such as facelift, jaw implant, and could be breast augmentation. Her face that previously looks bit sunken now mush lifted and elevated on the cheek part, make people believed that the facelift has doing their job well here.

Her cheek that bit lifted also looks plumped up as commonly happens to woman who has done facelift trough plastic surgery. Kangana Ranaut face looks bit swollen sometimes, especially when she gets tired that make people more believed that the facelift being her decision here. Her face also wore well defined and sharper on the jawline which is previously we may say that Kangana Ranaut face bit rounded.

But now she has though cheek lines on the jaw indicated that she is really done jaw implant to make her face more shaped. And about breast augmentation, Kangana Ranaut reported having small breast that leaving so many space on her chest, and now her breast looks much bigger, though and round, looks sexy but bit overdo it.

When confirmed about this rumor of plastic surgery, pretty India actress Kangana Ranaut just laugh and she is really amused with this rumor and said it was silly. Kangana Ranaut also said diplomatically “I have not had plastic surgery. My face looks different as I have put on weight. I was sick of my thin body. The world is dying to get skinny, and I like to be different. In ‘Kites’, I will look still more different”.