Did Gabrielle Anwar Have Plastic Surgery?

Gabrielle Anwar Plastic Surgery Before and After Did Gabrielle Anwar Have Plastic Surgery?
Has Gabrielle Anwar Had Plastic Surgery ?

Speculation of Gabrielle Anwar getting a plastic surgery has been circulating in the media and on the internet. The speculation made sense especially if we notice the slight different in her facial features, especially her lips. It seems that her lips are getting thinner and flatter than before. Although the media and the internet speculates that she has some work done on her lips, Gabrielle Anwar herself has not been confirming this rumor to the media. Some fans even stated in various media platform that her change in appearance happened because of her age.

The Iranian – British Actress became famous in the United States after appearing in TV shows called Burn Notice. In the show, she played a sexy and femme fatale type of agent named Fiona Glennale. She has also appeared on various others American TV shows such as Law and Order and the Tudors. In the movie screen, her break though role was through playing Donna the Tango Girl in Scent of a Woman alongside Al Pacino. The 40 years-old actress is staying below the radar in terms of her personal life. Other than her acting career, she has not got any type of media coverage that is significantly strong.

Many people have speculated that she has gone through some facial cosmetic surgery. But, there has not been any valid and credible resource that could justify or prove the rumor. Gabrielle Anwar herself has not mentioned any type of surgical process, whether it is cosmetic or medical. The plastic surgery rumor could be just a false rumor, or it could just be for her not being a household name in the entertainment industry. Some people would agree that she had a surgery based on her looks, some would only blame her age as the catalyst of change.