Did Donna Gates Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Donna Gates Plastic Surgery Did Donna Gates Undergone Plastic Surgery?

When the rumor about Donna Gates undergone plastic surgery for her fountain of youth heard by public, variety of insults were addressed to her. How could it happen? It because Donna Gates is famous American author who write Body Ecology Diet, one of phenomenal and best seller book in the mid 90s that contains of s lot of guidance for woman to look beauty and young in its natural ways.

Donna Gates also called one of the initiator raw food diets as her secret to keep her youthfulness and beauty although aging has eroded them. At that time, this book well being many women guide to get great and gorgeous appearance like Donna Gates did. But recently the rumor that she is not only doing natural way to preserve young and beauty make people started her credibility as the author and nutritional consultant.

Personally I didn’t too care about whether Donna Gates did plastic surgery or not, it because her book actually really help women to looks better(although not as gorgeous and young as Donna Gates did) but at least it will help the women healthier. Donna Gates also common woman who will afraid of aging too. So its doesn’t matter because her book also gives other benefits despite how to look young and beauty naturally.

Seeing her recent appearance, people always mistaken this 66 years old woman with woman in the early 40. She is still young and gorgeous yet having health and fit body. Previously People believed that its because she has been applied raw food diet as the main key to keep healthy, young and beauty.

But recently people noticed that her appearance was t changing and natural, make them doubted the lifestyle that she wrote in her book. We can say that her face is looks like a woman usually in and out of the beauty salon. It was signed with her facial that looks frozen, plumped up, masked like and bit expressionless.

Those creating assumption and issues that she has undergone some cosmetic surgery that why she is still looks young and beauty. It could be she has been taken facelift and filler injection like botox or juverderm to make her face looks flawless and toned. Even about the rumor she also got rhinoplasthy and lip injection to enhance her beauty, unfortunately I didn’t find any trusted result to tell you here.

Those of course triggering pros and cons that Donna Gets has found her fountain of youth trough plastic surgery not naturally as she tells in her book. People said as a nutrition consultant she should be honest about what kind of treatment that got here, despite tell a lie that she has got natural treatment.

But personally for my self, Donna Gates has given not only how to preserve young and beauty. Her books also fills with the benefit advices to stay health and prevent disease. So its okay for her as common woman to do the beauty enhancement no matter it was called as plastic surgery fountain of youth.

Whether you didn’t agree that its okay for nutrition consultant and author like Donna Gates that always proud with her lifestyle trough natural ways, has found her fountain of youth trough plastic surgery, we cat denied that she is just human being.  So you can take any other benefit from her book, not only just preserve beauty and youthfulness. So for the people please be a wise reader that can choose which one good or not from one’s book.