Did Diane Keaton Have Plastic Surgery?

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Did Diane Keaton Have Plastic Surgery?

Diane Keaton successfully makes so many people wonder how she can look so great in her age. It is normal when people question about her beauty, whether it is natural or not.  Diane Keaton is 67 now and she looks too good for her age. At 2012, she became the perfect looking baby boomer girl in the AARP: The Magazine. No matter what people say but she is energetic, charming and attractive during her life.

Covering the magazine she was interviewed about aging; something commonly happen in a person. Diane was also asked about her comment on plastic surgery and she says, “My opinion about plastic surgery is like I say. I had not did it, but I never say I never. You know I ever said that I would not have intercourse before marrying, and I did what I said. I have done many things that I said I would do, and I wouldn’t do a million things that I say I wouldn’t do, and I’m glad of it. That’s it.”

Further, honestly, her comment about plastic surgery is neutral. She says that she never says anything positive or negative related to plastic surgery. It is okay if a plastic surgery makes people become wonderful, feel better and good at it. How about her? Diane claims that she doesn’t know and she is too late to talk about this kind of matters.

I’ve talked about Diane’s opinion about plastic surgery and her statement about those shots. Now I need to reveal what the plastic surgeon says, if Diane Keaton ever went under the knife or not. Then we need to know the comment from Dr. John Di Saia, a celebrity plastic surgeon, after examining Diane Keaton’s photo years by years. “I think Diane Keaton forgot about her nose job?” is what the doctor writer on his blog.

When the expert says about it, maybe that is the truth. Diane Keaton was a talented actress who ever awarded as the Oscar Best Actress from her fourth film, Annie Hall (1977). She was born on Hanuary 5th 1946, and she is too fantastic for her age. Is it right?