Did Ann Margret Have Plastic Surgery?

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery Did Ann Margret Have Plastic Surgery?

She is still hot and pretty as she used to, that why Swedish-American actress, singer and dancer Ann Margret rumored staying young with plastic surgery. Ann-Margret Olsson or Ann Margret who was born April 28, 1941 in Stockholm, Sweden, is so mesmerizing not only in the past about 60s, 70s and 80s.

But till now people still mistaken this woman who ever received five Golden Globe Awards and been nominated for two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and six Emmy Awards like woman in the early 40. She is changing but only a bit and not effected whole beauty that still seen till now. That shy seeing her recent appearance people said that it could be Ann Margret has undergone plastic surgery for he beauty.

Personally if it is true, I think she is looks wonderful here. Ann Margret looks mesmerizing and young in her 71 years old, but natural and not overdo, indicated she is so wise on plastic surgery procedures. Ann Margret is mature enough so it could be she is unlike today celebrities that using plastic surgery as the way out to make them look much better so as the result they overdo it. Ann Margret looks natural because she knows that plastic surgery not to change your appearance completely, but just enhance it.

Ann Margret looks young in her 71 years old so many people than mistaken her as woman in the early 40. That shy the rumor she has undergone plastic surgery for some procedures like facelift in the past that still well maintenance till now. Her face not sunken or shaggy like woman in her age, but her cheek looks so full and puffed and bit lifted make people believed that she has undergone plastic surgery for the facelift on the past.

She is not overdo it and look the result, she looks wonderful and natural and staying young till now. Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer agree about it could be Ann Margret has undergone plastic surgery in the past, but he can make sure what kind of plastic surgery that she had done in the past although it possibly facelift has their role here.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer added that despite facelift, Ann Margret also could be done botox to abolish wrinkle from her forehead, but she doesn’t overdo it, so doctor said Ann Margret looks so natural and pretty even til this now on.

Ann Margret herself only admitted she has undergone plastic surgery for reconstructive surgery after fatal accident in Vegas about 1972. But plastic surgery to make her look young and beauty in 71, Ann Margret remain shy away.