Did Angelababy Have Plastic Surgery?

Angelababy Plastic Surgery Did Angelababy Have Plastic Surgery?

Many celebrities tend to do changes in their faces and bodies to make it more beautiful. Therefore, when they are becoming popular they do plastic surgery to support their appearance. However Angelababy is the exception, she appears has had plastic surgery procedures since she starts appear on the scene.

Angelababy is a Chinese actress started to the China entertainment world when she was 17 years old.  As everybody knows, Angela baby is one of the most beautiful women in Asia. So, she don’t need any plastic surgery procedures. But now, many people said that this 23 years old model has undergone some plastic surgeries procedure to transform her face completely.

Her first appearance was really Chinese and cute girl. Huge eyes, chubby cheeks and round chin. Expert make-up artists maybe able to create many changes, but surely there are a lot of the differences between her teenage and nowadays. Many admirers discuss those differences: the eyes, the nose, jaw and chin.

Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After Did Angelababy Have Plastic Surgery?

With those all differences all believe that this Hong Kong model has done many plastic surgery procedures. She maybe underwent double eyelid surgery to widen her big eyes, rhinoplasty for increasing the nose height, jaw and chin implant to slim the face, losing the fat cheeks and elongate the chin.

Seeing her picture, some people said that she had changed from the “ordinary Chinese girl” into “a foreigner”. Actually she has been looked beautiful with his oriental face, big eyes and sharp nose bridge, but maybe she has some reasons to beautify and change herself. With her now total transformations, Angelababy’s face looked mature. None confirms about this, but who can deny the proof of unnatural jaw shape and slim face.