Did Andie MacDowell Have Plastic Surgery?

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Did Andie MacDowell Have Plastic Surgery?

Andie MacDowell has accused got some procedures of plastic surgery. Until today Andie MacDowell never clearly admitted she has had plastic surgery and stated that her aging is quite naturally. This woman said that she is avoiding plastic surgery and choosing healthy life style as her secret to preserve young and beauty.

But its likely that Andie MacDowell should work even harder to convince public that she got her aging natural and never spent much money to refined her beauty trough plastic surgery.

Andie MacDowell is really pretty and dazzling although she is already 54 years old and giving birth three times. Its being habit in Hollywood if their actress still looks younger and petty although already 50 years old, of course those one will be accused with the plastic surgery.

This condition also buffeted Andie MacDowell life. Public stated that her secret of beauty is plastic surgery and paying a lot the best surgeon to make her looks  wonderful. Andie MacDowell was accused doing botox injection as well as lip and cheek enhancement. The botox injection as accused on Andie MacDowell because she got smooth and flawless looks without any wrinkles on her face.

Her lip and cheek seems plumped creating indication she has fat injection there to avoid it from shaggy and slacked down. Although Andie MacDowell denies these rumor, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn believed that Andie MacDowell was telling lie, because its impossible for woman in 54 has skin structure like Andie MacDowell has.

In my own opinion, Andie MacDowell is really great and pretty although she is already 54 years old. She has fresh face that as combined with charming looks make people curios hat her secret is. No wonder Andie MacDowell is really close with the plastic surgery rumor although she also trying so hard to denies it.

Do you believed that Andie MacDowell aging looks naturally? Does she never has any connections with plastic surgery knives? Well you may share your opinion by leaving your best comment bellow.