Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

What will relieve you after breaking up with your boyfriend? refreshing and make yourself more beautiful for anther new love such this comedienne Chelsea Handler that was rumored plastic surgery after break up with her boyfriend.Comedienne Chelsea Handler kind of wise mature woman, that why she know how to behave. Instead of regretting and cry all day after break up with her boyfriend President and CEO of Properties André Balazs. Break up with rich boyfriend is kinds troublesome but seems that Chelsea Handler knows that she has great assets to get each men she want to. Although for some reason its really hard to break up with the president ad CEO Properties André Balazs, but she has new plans to get new love or maybe another rich men by enhance her appearance trough plastic surgery. For some people it could be lame excuse, but for me this is the greater step that Chelsea Handler take to preparing her self for a new love and new boyfriend of course.

Chelsea Joy Handler is an American comedienne, actress, author, talk show host and producer who was born on February 25, 1975 in Livingston, New Jersey. We can say that she could e the most sexiest comedienne in America that not only blessed with great talent but also sexy body figure and pretty face. Despite one of pretty comedienne, Chelsea Handler also great author which included in New York Times Best Seller. Those four book that Chelsea write such as My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands, Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, and the last one Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me. Recently Chelse being a host for TV program late-night talk show Chelsea Lately on E! since 2007.

Comedienne Chelsea Handler was accused doing some procedural plastic surgery especially after break up from her rich boyfriend. She were accused doing facelift and dermal injection to max her appearance and enhance her beauty. Everybody said that her face is quite changing and different, some of them agreed that her face looks wonderful, another also stated that she looks like having two Tupperware lids jammed into her face. Does she too desperate after breaking with her boyfriend?I don’t know but I’m on the side that agreed Chelsea looks even better with her new looks. The plastic surgery procedural that was accused to her after the break up is breast augmentation and could be some dermal injection or filler on her face.

The breast augmentation was accused because recently her breast looks bigger and more rounded that before. Her breast also looks very though and toned remains only small space on her chest. Even about the dermal injection on her face was noticed with more toned and flawless facial skin with it lifted cheek indicated the filler injection was work there.

I can’t say that doing plastic surgery after breaking with your boyfriend is good for you. Like comedienne Chelsea Handler did who rumored plastic surgery after break up with her boyfriend, I know that she know about the consequences. So girl, you can preparing yourself for new love and new boyfriend without taking plastic surgery.