American Actor Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery Rumors

Plastic Surgery Rumor American Actor Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery Rumors

It’s not a secret anymore that both male and female celebrity Hollywood openly talk about cosmetic procedure, but some also refuse to admit it such as American actor Burt Reynolds that denies his face was changing due to plastic surgery. Unlike any other male celebrity, seems that Burt Reynolds really so hard to deny he had done plastic surgery. He said that everything that happens in his face is commonly natural without any touch of the plastic surgery knife. It seems that the changing of his face is not extreme as the king pop Michael Jackson or comedian Carrot Top did, but people can still even noticed the trace of plastic surgery on his face. In other word it can say that Burt Reynolds must be working hard to make public believed that he didn’t do plastic surgery to change his face appearance.

Burton Milo Reynolds, Jr. Best known as Burt Reynolds is an American actor, director and voice artist. He was born in  February 11, 1936 in Lansing, Michigan and started his career by taking small role in theater in Hyde Park, New York. In relationship life, Burt Reynolds well known with his love adventure and had been married twice. Burt Reynolds makes people turn around to him when he was portraying Bo ‘Bandit’ Darville in Smokey and the Bandit film. After that he also well known for some role in classic and modern Hollywood blockbuster like White Lightning , Gator, The Longest Yard and Boogie Nights. There are any other movies that took Burt Reynolds as the leading actor, that’s why when something looks different in his face, suddenly public relate it to the plastic surgery.

Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery American Actor Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery Rumors

Assumption blows that Burt Reynolds took some procedure of plastic surgery like facelift and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). When public accused he was committed plastic surgery, it’s because they see his face seems lifted and pulled. His eyes also look bigger and wider indicate he could be took eyelid surgery trough Blepharoplasty. But again he denied and said facelift is unnecessary thing because he had good genes of smooth face from his father. His denial make celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn laugh and said his denial could be a lie. He said its impossible for men in his 76 years old to have  skin like a man in early 40 without any help of plastic scalpel, that why his face looks smooth especially in his cheek part that indicate he took facelift procedure. But in other hand Dr. David Shafer, celebrity plastic surgeon in New York City disagreed bout it and said more likely Burt Reynold took some dermal injection like botox and facial filler. It was shown form the less of wrinkle on his forehead that strengthens the assumption of dermal injection here.

When confirmed about the gossip that rumored this American actor Burt Reynolds that was accused plastic surgery because his face now changing, he denies it and said

““I was never lifted. I would not have a problem with the truth, but I inherited my smooth skin from my father.”