Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery Before and After

AshleeSimpsonPlasticSurgery Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery Before and After
Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ashlee Simpson is Jessica Simpsons’ little sister. Both of them are known as popular American singer. While Jessica’s musical style is more pop and Rn’B, Ashlee’s musical style is more pop rock one. Some people even consider that Ashlee’s musical style comes in the same taste with Avril Lavigne’s musical style. So far Ashlee has created three music albums and several music videos for promoting these albums. She also appears in several magazine covers such as Cosmopolitan’s and Teengirl’s. Ashlee also appears in several TV commercials, print ads, and get role in several movies and TV series.

The Secret of Her Beauty

Ashlee Simpson might be one of the most beautiful celebrities known these days. Her taste of fashion is also very notable. Some people, especially teenagers, are even considered that Ashlee Simpsons as one of the most stylish celebrities during her debut appearance. You could see in her music videos that this girl has style and know how to express her style. She is also very beautiful indeed. Some people love her for her natural beauty. But some others said that she has plastic surgery or a nose job. Are these rumors true? Did she have a nose job?

Her Answer to These Rumors

Ashlee Simpson has confirmed these rumors. She admitted that she have nose job to remove the large hump on her nose. She said that this nose job is done to straighten her nose and to improve her physical appearance, especially her face. This nose job is done circa 2005. If you take a look at her photos in 2004, you will spot her crooked nose. But then if you take a look at her photos in 2006, her nose is quite straight. The nose job that she had is a very good example of a successful plastic surgery. She looks more beautiful with her straight nose.