Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Anna Faris Breast Implant

Anna Faris, a 36 years old actress and singer get the plastic surgery procedure. Especially, I say that she has had breast augmentation procedure. Celebrities’ world always requires the artists to have a perfect showing. Yeah, when performance becomes the most important thing to public, artists have an obligation to show their perfect. It is also not a surprising thing when you see Anna Faris is going to be puffy than before. But her showing in public is not her reason to do that.

Anna Faris, the comedian film star of Scary Movie who started her career since 1991. The House Bunny is another successful movie. She had plastic surgery and she admits it. The procedure done to plump her breast and it is really successful. The implant fits her small body well, not too huge and not look odd. It is so natural. Why did she do it?

The reason is not like other celebrities. She really honest to say, “It was so fun to feel over the top ridiculous and sexy” so that she decided to undergo the breast implant after the movie was complete. Further she added that this is not related to career. This is about her divorce. Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami plastic surgeon reveals that Anna Faris appears to have much higher and fuller in her cleavage, showing her breast augmentation. It is normal after her divorce, and seeking physical enhancement through plastic surgery. It is a kind of expression to face a new life.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Anna Faris Botox

Public knows and she admits about her breast implant, and there is a speculation that she did little further than that. There are also something different on her face. It is like she got Botox injection is some parts. When she has admitted in her breast augmentation, Botox injection in some parts of her face is still debatable.

Anna Faris’s photos taken in the premier of What’s Your Number? the newest romantic-comedy of Anna Faris, invites a big question mark, whether she truly get the injection procedure. The assumption that Anna got premiere Botox maybe not true, but the truth one is her face looks so odd. It was like frozen even she has tried to smile and express naturally.

Her different face appearance becomes a rumor now, followed the fact from the fact of some changes; her nose, her chin, and the eyes. She also ever said that she will do it in the future. So, is it real?