Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Rumors

Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Rumors

In her 66 years old there is a gossip that American television and journalist Andrea Mitchell undergoes plastic surgery rumor to enhance her beauty and refine her appearance to stay forever young. Even smart woman like Andrea Mitchell who was born October 30, 1946 in New York City, New York, U.S. and graduated from University of Pennsylvania the temptation of plastic surgery that offers beautiful dream to look youthful forever make her given up.

Andrea Mitchell is kind of a smart woman who plunge in the American journalist and television world and gained not only popularity but also countless controversies like Role in the Plame Affair, Reference to rural Virginia as “redneck” country, and Romney Wawa remarks controversy. That why despite has so many fans, this American television journalist also has so many haters that could be blowing the rumor of plastic surgery here.

But it could be without any her haters that blowing the rumor of plastic surgery, public that now smart enough and can be access media anytime and anywhere can be noticed that there is a trace of surgeon scalpel here. Seems that Andrea Mitchell try to stay young and looks beauty in front of the camera so she got anything to make her keep pretty and young, but in other hand she looks like alien and bit weird.

People said that Andrea Mitchell face was quite changing and different since she is first time appear on television and seems that her cheek bit lifted and elevated. The different looks on her face especially the condition of her cheek that more elevated and not shaggy at all but it was triggering the rumor that Andrea Mitchell has undergone plastic surgery for the facelift.

Despite the speculation of facelift from the plastic surgery to avoid her cheek sunken and shaggy, Andrea Mitchell also rumored has dermal injection and filler like botox or Restylane injections.

It can be seen because its very hard for you to find any wrinkles and aging lines on her face especially on the forehead indicated that botox has their job here. Her face also free from laugh smiles and lines that make people believed that Restylane injections do their job to make it free from wrinkle.

But the Restylane injections also could be make her lip much nutritious and juicy, like the filler has been injected into there. Her face that looks like flawless and toned but frozen and plumped out make people more and more believed that she has got plastic surgery there.

Andrea Mitchell is smart woman who knows how to behave. She is also senior figure in American journalist and television, so whether the plastic surgery rumor was true or not undergoes by her, you will be left with curiosity because it seems that she will remain mute forever.